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Lori Hamilton

Muse, chanteuse, comedienne…ethnographer. Lori’s insights into the human condition provide us with tangible action; she is able to document behavior and turn that documentation into decisions. Lori has an uncanny ability to always get to the heart of the matter. As an ethnographer, she takes strategy to a practical level: from insight to action.



Lou's specialized expertise is strategic business growth. His perspective spans every industry sector from CPG to B2B and now moving into M2M. He has guided the world’s foremost brands and companies, including: P&G, Colgate, Duracell, Jell-O, Chase, Maxell, Shulton, Brawny, RadioShack, TRW, ITT, Honeywell, United Technologies., ACE Insurance, Bank of America, to name a few. Lou’s relentless focus is on helping take your company to the next level.



Edie knows how to engage internal stakeholders. Edie’s corporate background includes senior-level management experience in sales, human resources, marketing and strategic planning. A proven organizational development expert Edie helps bring strategy to life from the “inside out.” She has helped companies like Bank of Bermuda Worldwide, CSX Railroad, Cox Communications,Wells Fargo Bank, Citigroup, First American, and Mercedes-Benz.

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